This is the old version of the Manage Feed page, and can still be used to manage feeds if the new version of the page has missing functionality or regressions.
This feed uses the ProGet 4.0 schema for NuGet package metadata. It will continue to work indefinitely, but does not support Semantic Versioning 2.0, which recent versions of the NuGet client support.
This is currently inactive.


Name rename
Description no description change
Type change manage keys
Caching clear | configure
Client: replication from:
Server: replication URL:
configure | overview
Disk Path (overridden) change
Package Store change | verify
Blob Storage change
Tag Versioning change
Drop Path not set change
Symbol Server re-index | configure
NuGet API Key not set change
Blocking Policy configure
Asset directories do not currently support connectors, license rules, or vulnerability sources.

Feed Connectors

Connector URL Filter
This feed has no connectors.

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License Filters

Allow any license

Retention Rules

This has no retention rules defined.

Vulnerability Sources

Source Known Vulnerabilities
This feed has no vulnerability sources configured.

Vulnerability Assessments

Cache Usage

Package Filters
No package filters
Package Access Rules
No package access rules
Package/Container Scanners
No package/container scanners


This feed has no variables configured.